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General terms and conditions
Privacy Policy
General terms and conditions
General Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy


In this General Terms and Conditions applies only for

those who are contracted with each other in mutual promises. On one hand it is valid

for the viewers of and (hereinafter: Buyer) and for Mydia Investment Kft. having a principal place of business at 4/F Gyakorló Street, Budapest, 1106, Hungary, Company registration number 01-09-920296 issued

by Szombathely Court of Registration; EU VAT number: HU14796968; (hereinafter:

Mydia Investment). Exclusively here described general terms and conditions are valid

and replace any other, except the prior announced and written changes. Mydia Investment Kft

reserve the right to change this General Terms and Conditions, it means before every

purchase the general terms and conditions of has to be read again.

These changes are valid immediately after publishing on the internet and can not be

applied for previous contracts. With a validated purchase you hereby agrees to these


Information about the webshop

The seller of the products you can purchase here is the Mydia Investment Kft. Principal

place of business: 4/F Gyakorló Street, Budapest, 1106, Hungary, Company registration number 01-09-920296 issuedby Szombathely Court of Registration; EU VAT number: HU14796968, Issued by: Budapest

Court of Registration; E-mail:

Important aspects of the subject of contract

The subject of the contract is the products in the webshop offered for sale by

Mydia Investment. The properties and description of the product you can find in the

product description. Please read these description carefully to buy the product you

really need. If necessary contact Mydia Investment on email. Some pictures

may be illustration only. The gross price is always indicated next to the product

name. The prices include VAT and they are based in Euro. The prices indicated in

Hungarian Forint are only for information purpose, calculated according the last

published exchange rate by Hungarian National Bank. The banks participating in the

transactions may apply different exchange rates.

You can receive the purchased products in two different ways. In the products

descriptions the delivery method is presented. In case of “Digital Download” after

the purchase download link(s) will be provided, using internet browser the digital

goods can be downloaded to your PC’s storage device. In case of “Boxed” product,

Mydia Investment Kft. or its subcontractor/provider will ship the goods to the prior

entered address.

The software products are protected by copyright laws and international copyright

treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The software

products are licensed, not sold.

Purchase process

In case of freeware product

Usually the freeware products are located in the

Freeware zone. No puchasing method is necessary, the download links are available

directly. The EULA is valid for the freeware products too.

In case of payware product

The first step in the purchase process is the registration in the webshop, with one

unique, operational email address. After the registration the product(s) can be put

into the basket with the “in the basket” icon, after that using the “purchase via

Barion” button you can pay the product. The payment happens through Barion Inc. website, it means Mydia Investment will be never aware of your

payment information e.g. credit card information only Mydia Investment is notified when

the payment is successful. To read the general terms of using barion visit

After a successful payment you becomes a buyer of Mydia Investment.

Buying a digital download delivery method product, after the payment you can access

the download link(s) and the registration code(s). The registration code is

necessary for installing the product on your computer. The usage of the product and

the registration code are protected under an EULA (End-User Licence Agreement) which

you can read here: http://www.lhsim

Buying a “Boxed” type product, the product is shipped in the packaging on a digital

storage device (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) which is defined in the product description. On

the package or on the storage device the registration code is present.

After registrating in the webshop the user will created an user account. In this

account you can always view the product you purchased, the download links, the

registration codes and the invoices. This user account can be used anytime for

purchasing new products or to download again already purchased products.

At some products (usually payware products) permanent internet connection is

required during the installation for activation. The product's installer is

communication with Mydia Investment website and verifys if the product is genuine. The

installer sends to the website information only which is required to identify the

product key and the IP address. On the website it is monitored how many times a

product key (registration code) has been activated, from which IP address and how

often. If we find out a product key has been activated too many times, which is

probably because the code has been shared violating our rules. In this case we

resume the right to ban these code(s) without prior notice to avoid further illegal

usage of our product. Handing over or sharing the product key (registration code) is

a serious violation of the EULA. In this case the buyer may be banned out of the

webshop without prior notice and Mydia Investment may initiate legal actions against

the buyer. If the product key has been activated many times due to a technical

issue, then the buyer should contact Mydia Investment either at support.

In case of some products re-activation may be necessary from time-to-time. If the

product becomes obsolete (a new version is available) a message is shown when Flight

Simulator starts. Please follow that instructions to re-activate your product.

Purchasing the in the webshop of Mydia Investment we assume the buyer are aware and

accepts of the capabilities and limitations of the internet, especially the

technical performances and occouring problems. The Mydia Investment Kft. can not be

liable for any malfunction the internet network which avoids the correct functioning

of the website.

Mydia Investment Kft. may initiate legal action against anybody who commits any kind of

fraud or intends to commit a fraud against Mydia Investment Kft. But Mydia Investment Kft.

can not be liable for any kind of action performed by third person against one of

our buyer.

In case the buyer violates the conditions and terms defined in this general terms

and conditions, Mydia Investment Kft has the right to make buyer’s registration


Privacy policy

All data provided by the buyer to Mydia Investment are needed to identify the buyer

during the purchase process, Mydia Investment handles these data carefully and never

provides these data to third party except for the subcontractor(s) who are

responsible for the shipment. In this case our subcontractors are not allowed to

store, re-use and hand over the data provided by Mydia Investment. During the handling

of your data we comply according the Data protection law and regulations.

During the browsing of our webpage information are recorded for statistical purposes

(IP address, visit duration etc.). Mydia Investment will hand over these data to the

authorities only if the request is legaly confirmed. The data provided for

newsletter subscription is handled carefully, unsubscription is available. You can

request the deletion of all your records in written form on

email. In case of a question which is not defined by this General Terms and

Condtions the Hungarian Civil Code and the Distance contract 17/1999 (II.5.)

Hungarian Government Regulations, Electronic Coomercial Services and the information

society services for certain aspects of 2,001th CVIII. tv. provisions shall prevail.

17/1999 (II.5.) trv.:

2001. évi CVIII. trv.:

Browsing this website and placing an order you accept this terms and conditions and

data management principles.

The commercial services of Mydia Investment Kft. can be used by a unique email address

and password. The email address and its belonging password identifies the buyer,

usage of these proofs the buyer has made the transaction. The purchase are recorded

by our system and it sends a confirmation about that. The buyer is liable the usage

of the password and he/she never makes it available for anybody. Mydia Investment Kft.

is not liable for the damages caused by password fraud against the buyer or third


According the 2011 year's CXII law (Infotv.) 68§ (6) section the National

Dataprivacy and Freedom of Information Authority approved for Mydia Investment Kft. the

data handling right. The registration number is: In progress


Mydia Investment Kft. expressly disclaims any warranty for the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The

SOFTWARE PRODUCT is provided 'As Is' without any express or implied warranty of any

kind, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability,

noninfringement, or fitness of a particular purpose. Mydia Investment Kft. does not

warrant or assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any

information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within the SOFTWARE

PRODUCT. Mydia Investment Kft. makes no warranties respecting any harm that may be

caused by the transmission of a computer virus, worm, time bomb, logic bomb, or

other such computer program. Mydia Investment Kft. further expressly disclaims any

warranty or representation to Authorized Users or to any third party.

In no event shall Mydia Investment Kft. be liable for any damages (including, without

limitation, lost profits, business interruption, or lost information) rising out of

'Authorized Users' use of or inability to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, even if

Mydia Investment Kft. has been advised of the possibility of such damages. In no event

will Mydia Investment Kft. be liable for loss of data or for indirect, special,

incidental, consequential (including lost profit), or other damages based in

contract, tort or otherwise. Mydia Investment Kft. shall have no liability with respect

to the content of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT or any part thereof, including but not

limited to errors or omissions contained therein, libel, infringements of rights of

publicity, privacy, trademark rights, business interruption, personal injury, loss

of privacy, moral rights or the disclosure of confidential information.

Copyrights and references

All graphical elements, structures, projecting methods and products, informations,

data about our products, description, pictures on the websites . Using these contents without prior approval of the owner violates the

copyrights and may initiate a legal action.


Returns and refunds

Return rights are regulated in the 17/1999 (II.5) government regulation 5. §: The

buyer can not use his/her return rights in case of sound or moving picture, or

computer software licence agreement in case the packaging has been removed.

In case of “Boxed” type product if the packaging was not yet removed, the buyer can

use his/her return rights if he/she informs Mydia Investment Kft. in written form

latest 8 days after receiving the product and he/she sends the product back in 30

days to Mydia Investment Kft. The transport and transaction costs are not refundable

In case of “Digital Download” delivery method the subject of the contract is

immaterial data and the access to these immaterial data. The regulation does not

mention the rights in case of immaterial data but Mydia Investment Kft. considers the

“removal of packaging” the time when the product has been downloaded. It means after

download the return and refund rights can not be used.

Miscolenaus conditions

Hungarian law applies to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the

International Sale of Goods. Theses “General Terms and Conditions” exist in a

Hungarian version and in an English version. The Hungarian version serves as a

convenience translation while the Hungarian version is legally binding.

Valid from 08-09-2013 till revoked.


Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

The Ltd., a provider of Mydia Investment website basic rules for management of data per registered users of the attention is determined as follows:

1.1. The provider of the website to shop operator, under which the purchase of products sold by the service provided in addition implemented on disposal Webshop interaction characteristics of statistical data collection.

1.2. THE PROVIDER confidential and handled in accordance with the intended purpose of the data relating to him or be associated with a user of and are not available to unauthorized persons, only detailed regulations in this way and end uses.

1.3. The purpose of processing the operation, detailed in the first provision of services, the performance of the contractual arrangements for the provision of services commitments undertaken by the Service, the Service Provider to enforce the rights as well.

1.4. SERVICE declares that log data recorded interactions for purchase anonymised data are not suitable for some users, identify visitors and to those of other personal data constituting conclusions to be drawn.

1.6. 2011 A senior official terms used in this privacy rules on the right of informational self-determination and freedom of information. Act (hereinafter referred to as the Data Protection Act) governed by the terms should be understood.
II. Identity of the controller

2.1. 3. The data controller in accordance with § 9 of the Data Protection Act PROVIDER:


Mydia Investment Kft.

Short term

Mydia Investment Kft.


1106, Gyakorló utca 4 / F  I / 6

Company registration number


tax number


E-mail Address

Naihan registration number: the registration of the Data Protection Authority in progress.


3.1. The legal basis of data management has stated during registration, consent under the Privacy Act § 5 Paragraph (1) a). Registration to the site constitutes a request to use the service. of the service providers with contracting and technical service delivery requires that users give consent to the data disclosed by service providers handle for performing the service. If the registration is not done, by filling in the registration form which may be provided by the website visitor data will not be recorded. SERVICE filling in the registration form electronically records and stores user data supplied.

3.2. the legal relationship between the parties carry out compulsory treatment in order to fulfill obligations related to the service SERVICE tax was in force.

3.3. The user is entitled to registration under the declared consent at any time, revoke without undergoing reasoning. User Privacy Policy acknowledges the adoption of this that the withdrawal of the authorization to process makes it impossible to provide the service, so the withdrawal SERVICE evaluate the relationship between them as user termination. 3.4. User acceptance of this Privacy Policy will also contribute to further inform potential, new information regarding use of the service by electronic means, using the method of direct requests him SERVICE. User is entitled to contribution under this section at any time, without giving reasons, oral or written notice to withdraw. Withdrawal of consent is not impossible to provide the service, service user would not consider terminating the legal relationship between the parties.

4.1. SERVICE users manage the associated data that provide the service are technically indispensable. Accordingly, for each user when registering - the following data record (mandatory general information) - to establish a contractual relationship: name / name, home address / head office, electronic mail address, payment account is managed by a financial institution, the current account number, tax identification number / tax number, not a natural person for user registration number.

4.2. The condition of using the service to the user-defined data is accurate, the reality meet, and the data on the authentic nyilvántarásokban always agree. SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to ensure that the user-defined data accuracy, completeness and up to date.

4.3. The service provider provides the service to the user in the use of personal, password-protected interface, called. virtual repository (hereinafter referred to as profile) to establish and maintain during the existence of the contract in force. SERVICE inform all relevant circumstances under the personal profile of the user, so all data and services provided by the user's performance, information relating to the settlement. Thus, the full range of user data managed by the Service at any time, without any restriction available. The user of all the data given by him at any time unilaterally changed by modifying the corresponding information stored in the profile surface.

4.4. In addition to the mandatory data the user can enter additional data, not mandatory, but the personalization services provided, making insurance more effective use of the surface profile. defined as such by the user additional information with respect SERVICE presume the user is authorized to process.

5.1. Data management and begin to provide the service lasts longer than is necessary to register (create profile) at the time. Following the termination of the legal relationship between the parties provider of personal user profiles irreparably destroyed. User data are stored by the service provider after termination of service providers handle the data set required for legitimate business or legal purpose. Accordingly, especially, but not exclusively, shall keep supporting documentation for transactions initiated under the Act C of Accounting in 2000, and retained the limitation period to the maturity date under the Act V of the Civil Code in 2013 to the conclusion of the contract, performance, termination of the related data.

6.1. SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to to protect the data available to threats (natural disaster, technical systems failure, human error etc) take all reasonable measures.

6.2. SERVICE ensures that only those employees with the disposal of user access data with these data is essential to perform the job functions they need, and that the data protection provisions are complied with these employees.

7.1. SERVICE keep confidential all available facts, information, solutions or data that the user's identity, data, business operations, contracts and service-related concerns. The user's information is not publicly publish PROVIDER other unauthorized person does not share, but in this case fixed rules or laws (official or subpoena, to fulfill the obligations imposed by law) or the user's consent to transmit to third parties.

7.2. User acceptance of these Rules, acknowledges that the Service Provider to fulfill the statutory obligations of the 2014 XXII media owner has the advertising tax. a declaration pursuant to § 3 para (3) gives the advertisers concerned user (s).

7.3. User further acknowledges that the Service Provider business point of view, importance, anonymous, aggregated, user identifiable statistical data is entitled to share with its partners in the partners.

7.4. You acknowledge that the Service Provider has the right user, such as a contractual counterpart as reference documents relied upon to promote the service.

8.1. It performs the bookkeeping office bookkeeping activity providers such as controllers, who in the user data will be considered as data processors according to the Privacy Act. Data processing in accordance with sound business enterprise, the data made available to the Service Provider's instructions and this Privacy Policy provisions, processed in accordance with applicable privacy and security standards for service providers. SERVICE as a controller responsible for the data processing performed by the data processing lawful.

9.1. Right to information
The user may SERVICING from processing of their personal data information, that right includes the right foglaja knowledge of the related documents as well. The user's request, the Service Provider within 30 days in writing informs its managed and processed by a contracted data processing data, the activities of their source, the purpose of data management, legal basis, duration and possible transmission of data, data processing name, address, and data management. User Privacy Policy acknowledges this by adopting that limit the right to information is another person's obligation to protect SERVICE data, preservation. This information is free if the person requesting information request the same data scope for the current year, the data controller has not yet been filed. In other cases, the processing of the application user is required to pay the costs incurred. The user information in the cases specified by law PROVIDER may refuse to communicate it in writing to the user. In case of refusal of information has a 9.5. appeals in point is the opportunity.

9.2. THE RIGHT TO Corrections
The user can request the correction of data, if the data does not correspond to reality. If any untrue data service providers, of their own initiative or anyone authorized corrected. If a service provider fails to meet the user's request for correction, for refusing to communicate correcting factual and legal reasons in writing within 30 days. In case of rejection of the user 9.5. appeals in point is the opportunity.

The user can request deletion or blocking of data if the purpose of processing has ceased, or time limit specified in the Act for storing the data has expired; or in other cases set out in the Data Protection Act or other legislation. User Privacy Policy acknowledges this by adopting that limit the vendor's right to cancel law, retention of specific duties. SERVICE lock the data concerned, if so requested by the user, or if you are eligible for any other reason not to delete the legal requirements. SERVICE If the seal or fails to comply with a request for cancellation, communicate the rejection of the legal and factual reasons in writing within 30 days. In case of refusal of the user 9.5. appeals in point is the opportunity.

9.4. WITH right to object
The user may protest against the handling of the data, if the treatment or transmitting only required to meet the legal obligation to PROVIDER on or legitimate interests pursued if the use of the data for direct marketing, opinion poll or scientific research; and in other cases prescribed by law. User Privacy Policy acknowledges this by adopting a mandatory data handling limitations to the right to object required by law. SERVICE the protest as soon as possible after the submission of the application, but not later than 15 days examine the merits of the issue to make a decision and inform the applicant of its decision in writing. If User does not agree with the decision or if the deadline PROVIDER fails, go to court within 30 days.

9.5. Legal remedies
SERVICE committed to any formal written request or complaint regarding any data management resolve directly with the user in. If this fails, it agrees to cooperate with the competent authority or court. The user can go to court in case of violation of his rights under operator with. The outcome of the lawsuit in Budapest region Tribunal (address: 1146 Budapest, Thököly 97-101, 1443 Budapest, PO Box 175, telephone:.. + 36-1-467-6200, E-mail: birosag@budapestkornyekit.birosag. TOP en) is competent or brought before the user's choice, according to the user's residence or tribunal of the place of residence as well. The National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (Headquarters: 1125 Budapest, Szilagyi Erzsebet fasor 22 / c, Postal address: 1534 Budapest, Pf .: 834, Phone: +36 (1) 391-1400) any notification, investigation may be initiated if the personal data impairment of less than or threat thereof on the treatment.
X. THE SCOPE Privacy Policy

10.1. The present Privacy Policy provisions [2016th and the withdrawal will take effect July 1] days valid. This regulation extends the scope to all information, data, facts and which is suitable for him or be associated with website to identify registered users. This policy of 1.1. applicable service mentioned above, for the website.

10.3. Service Provider reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy to the right, in which case it shall enter into force on the 15th day following the rules set out in the provisions of the amended consolidated disclosure as meaning that it also applies to already existing contracts. The terms of any modification of these Rules shall not result in the absence of consent of the user rights granted to these Rules limitation, impairing.

Budapest, 1 July 2016.

Mydia Investment Kft.